Posted by: Matt | March 30, 2007

Bringing Home the Booken

Went to my favorite bookstore which would be Borders. I would go to a local independent bookstore if there were any near my home but alas there are none. Though there is one in downtown Salt Lake City called Sam Weller’s that I would love to go to, I just never seem to find the time. I took my list of 15 (or is that 16) with me written down on a handy little sticky note. It was requested that I name names by Stefanie (my first comment and from a blogger so well thought of, thanks!) and I have done so in the comments to my post about said list. If you’d like to see which books made the list take a peak at the post.

Once inside Border’s I headed straight for the table of “Buy 2, Get 3” table to see if I could score a deal. It seems that every time I check that table I find one or two books I’d like but not a third. Well tonight I was in luck. I picked up Blindness by Jose Saramago from my list of 15, The March by E.L. Doctorow (not on my list of 15 but on my larger To Be Read list), and received The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (also on my TBR list) for free. I had a 25% off coupon so I used that to buy Beloved by Toni Morrison (TBR one more time). I left happy; small bundle of books in hand. My list of 15 now becomes a list of 14. Oh, my local Border’s doesn’t carry any Christopher Priest books so there will be no addition to the list from that source.

Now I must decide which spine(s) to crack first. I know that I’ll be starting up on The Kite Runner, but I might decide to open up either Blindness or The March as well. Time to start thinking about what to buy next month (actually May) now, and yes, it does take me that long to decide.

And by the way, I wouldn’t read my review of Hyperion if I were you, or me for that matter. It’s not so good. The review I mean, not the book.



  1. You’re too nice! The 2 for 3 table at Borders is my sister’s downfall. Barnes and Noble is the closet bookstore to my house so I never go to Broders which might not be a bad thing considering that table. Blindness is an excellent book. Be sure you don’t wait too long to read its companion book Seeing. They will take your breath away.

    And there is nothing wrong with your Hyperion review!

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