Posted by: Matt | April 4, 2007

A Free Hugo

The list of Hugo Award nominees was released last week and posted on several blogs.  I won’t list them here but one of the books that was nominated is called Blindsight by Peter Watts.  I have this on my list of books to read along with a couple of the other books on the Hugo list.  The reason I mention this specific book?  I discovered a post on SF Signal which linked to a free copy of Blindsight!

At the website for the free online version of the book there are links to PDF, zipped HTML and Mobipocket versions as well.  And all for free!  Did I mention that?  Doesn’t get much better than that.  I’ve downloaded the PDF version myself which I noticed includes a version of the cover that Peter Watts designed himself.  He didn’t much like the cover that the publisher came up with so he had a friend help him come up with some better looking jackets.  I thought that was a great touch.  So what are you still doing here, go check it out if you have an interest in Sci-Fi!

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