Posted by: Matt | April 5, 2007

The List

I have seen several book related bloggers reference their “To Be Read” lists.  I’m curious if this represents an actual list, whether soft or hard copy, a mental list, or a stack of books.  When I refer to my list I mean an actual list in digital form.  In fact, I have become rather obsessive about it.

My list, or more accurately my lists, can now be found in three different locations.  I use the plural form because I have books broken down in several ways.  My books are sorted into groups for fiction, non-fiction, various genres and award nominations.  My obsessive behavior is best demonstrated by the fact that my lists exist in 3 forms.  Their genesis was on the County Library website.

The Salt Lake County Library site allows users to keep and manage several lists of books in the County system.  I soon found this to be too inflexible.  So I decided to transfer these lists to a document in Google Docs.  I would still be able to access my lists from the internet but I would have the flexibility of a simple word processor.  This still didn’t allow me the sorting I wanted so today I set out to transfer my lists from docs to one big multi-workbook spreadsheet, still in Google Docs.  This will keep me satisfied for at least a week or two and then if my obsessive streak continues I’ll look for an even better solution.  Call me crazy but I find it to be enjoyable.

Don’t even get me started on my LibraryThing



  1. I keep a TBR pile. Piles, actually. So many piles that the walls of my house are nearly being held up by books.

  2. Sounds great, marydell. I wish my book collection was that large; I find it to be sadly small.

  3. I have two TBR lists, one for fiction and one for nonfiction and a TBR pile whick pretty much encompasses my entire house.

  4. My TBR list pretty flexible, part of it being written down, part of it being kept in my head, and part of it having taken the physical shape of stacks of books waiting for me to get on with it. It changes to some extent pretty much every day. In other words, it’s a hopeless situation.

  5. I also find my TBR list changing. One day a certain novel is at the top and the next day it’s another novel.

    We’ve put a book shelf in our bedroom which has now become the TBR shelf, so now my list is not strictly written (and rewritten).

  6. MY TBR is multiple lists-the main one being a big one on both my hard drive and on Google docs. Then I have different smaller lists like Newbery Award Winners I’m trying to make it through. As for the list-it’s alphabetized by author but I am liable to just pick and chose through the list as to what strikes me at the moment. Good luck with your TBR

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