Posted by: Matt | April 7, 2007

A movie review?! In a book blog?

I hope you’ll forgive me for mentioning a movie in a litblog, after all, the story involves a novel. My wife and I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night (well I did, she was in and out of dreamland). I can appreciate a good Will Ferrell movie now and then, and the plot was intriguing. The central character, Harold Crick (played by Will Ferrell) believes he’s the central figure in a book written by a famous author (played by Emma Thompson). As he goes about his day, he can hear the voice of a British woman narrating his every thought and action. It begins to drive him a bit crazy but the breaking point comes when the voice mentions his “imminent death”. The rest of the movie follows Harold Crick as he attempts to discover who is narrating his life; hoping the knowledge can help him avert his death.

I could not have watched this movie at a more appropriate time in my life. This movie was a perfect fit with my new found excitement in literature. It is likely I appreciated this movie more because of my current situation. I can be a harsh judge of movies and I gave this movie a “pretty good”. If you translate that to a five star ranking system it comes out a four. Five stars would be “good”, four stars “pretty good”, three stars “okay” and anything below ranging from “terrible” to “not very good”.

It is difficult to mention much more of the plot with ruining the story. There was one potential large hole in the plot but it was worked out pretty well. Again, I won’t mention the plot hole because it would give too much away. I would suggest this movie to anyone who enjoys Will Ferrell, he’s fairly sedate in this movie and it’s likely one of his better acting jobs. But I have one question for those who have seen the movie. Was the correct ending chosen, or should they have gone the opposite direction? I’m torn; I haven’t yet decided how I’d liked it to have ended.



  1. Nothing wrong with a movie review on a litblog. I mentioned Stranger Than Fiction on my own site soon after I saw it. (Being a total book geek, I went to the theater right after it was released.) I really enjoyed the movie because the scenes with Linda Hunt and Dustin Hoffman were hilarious. Although I haven’t kept score, I’m pretty sure I’ve been living in a comedy.

  2. Matt, I’m looking forward to seeing this. It’s on my library list now. Thanks for sharing.

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