Posted by: Matt | April 10, 2007

Review of The Omnivore’s Dilemma

The Omnivore’s DilemmaI have already written a couple of posts about The Omnivore’s Dilemma so I will keep this one short. By the number of posts, you may be able to decipher that I found this book to be fascinating. The entire book is filled with information, almost all of which I did not previously know. But it does not read like a list of facts. There were times when the author, Michael Pollan, would spend several pages explaining something and I would think, “This should not be interesting, but it is!”

Although it only took me about two weeks to finish, The Omnivore’s Dilemma felt like a journey. Not a long, drawn out, let’s get this over with, journey but one that is satisfying throughout and fills you with a sense of accomplishment at its completion. I recommend this book to everyone; we should all know (and want to know) what it is we are putting into our stomachs.

Rating: 5.0



  1. Matt, I found this book stunning, from the information presented, to the way it is presented, absolutely an achievement. The author is coming to town here later this week – $100 a seat (choke). So what I want to know is; what changes, if any, have you made in your own life based on this book? Are there any that you are considering?

  2. At this point I have made no changes. We do buy our beef from my wife’s grandparents who raise the steer themselves and feed it on grass. And I plan on starting to visit the local farms and/or farmer’s markets once they start running in the summer. There are no Whole Foods type markets nearby so that is not really possible.

  3. Tara beat me to the question I was going to ask! The book was a real eye-opener even for someone like me who has been a contientious of what I eat for years. Always something new to learn!

  4. Well, I’m picking this book up again, and finishing it–you’ve inspired me 🙂

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