Posted by: Matt | April 19, 2007

Introducing… The Raw Shark Texts

I’ve been hearing a lot about a new book called The Raw Shark Texts by first time novelist Steven Hall. I first read about it on as one of their Significant 7 books for the month of March. The story sounds fascinating so I thought I’d share a little about it. To quote from Publishers Weekly:

When Eric Sanderson wakes from a lengthy unconsciousness, he has no memory. A letter from ‘The First Eric Sanderson’ directs him to psychologist Dr. Randle, who tells Eric he is afflicted with a ‘dissociative condition.’ Eric learns about his former life—specifically a glorious romance with girlfriend Clio Aames, who drowned three years earlier—and is soon on the run from the Ludovician, a ‘species of purely conceptual fish’ that ‘feeds on human memories and the intrinsic sense of self.’ Once he hooks up with Scout, a young woman on the run from her own metaphysical predator, the two trek through a subterranean labyrinth made of telephone directories (masses of words offer protection, as do Dictaphone recordings), decode encrypted communications and encounter a series of strange characters on the way to the big-bang showdown with the beast.

Of course I can’t remember all of the different places I’ve heard about his book recently, but trust me when I say there have been many other mentions. There was a post about it this week on Largehearted Boy. They do a post called Book Notes in which a novelist creates a 10 song play list for one of his/her books (which is a terrific idea). Today’s Book Notes was by Steven Hall for The Raw Shark Texts.

Anyway, all of this talk about it has moved the novel steadily up my TBR list. Unfortunately, it being new means it is only in hardcover which I normally do not buy because of the cost. Its newness also means my local library does not yet have it. So do I bite the bullet and buy it, or wait it out at the library?



  1. You know, I’ve been wondering the same thing about this book myself. I too have been hearing about this book everywhere and I was really excited when I saw it finally released in the bookstore. But…I thought about (I also try to avoid hardback prices), thought about it some more, read the first few pages and…put it back down. When that happens it means that I probably won’t get around to buying it when it’s in paperback. The premise does sound out-of-the-box intriguing though, doesn’t it?

  2. If he can pull that premise off, great. It sounds exciting and daring. I’m skeptical though that it might appear like one who has tried too hard to be different.

  3. It does sound different. I’m willing to give it a try but I think I’ll be waiting until my library receives it and then checking it out.

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