Posted by: Matt | April 29, 2007

Back from the Dead (And More Books!)

Haven’t posted in a few days because of a little trip down to Las Vegas. A friend and I went to see a couple of concerts. We saw The Decemberists and Air (French Band). Both excellent shows. It was my first time in Vegas, came home with a few interesting stories, but thankfully nothing to get me in trouble!

After getting home last night I had that book buying urge. I took a trip over to Borders to see if I could spend my birthday gift card. Amazingly enough I left with nothing. Plenty of books to buy, just couldn’t do it. So to make up for it I came home and placed an order on Amazon. I’m having it shipped with the free super saver shipping so who knows when it will actually arrive. I picked up Europe Central, Infinite Jest, The Blind Assassin, and I Am Legend. Reviews on Europe Central seem to be mixed, interested to check it out, it was bargain priced at $3.99 so no big loss if it’s not good, and my younger sister is a Margaret Atwood fan so The Blind Assassin should make for some discussion.

Oh, I’ve started up Atonement. Read lots of good things about it, we’ll see.



  1. I like the Decemberists–glad it was a good show. Let me know what you think of Atonement–it’s my favorite Ian McEwan book.

  2. I’ll be waiting for your comments on Infinite Jest. I have not read anything by Wallace, although I have carried his books around in the bookstore for a while, before putting them back in lieu of something else.
    I’d like to steal your idea of listing “abandoned” books along with your book lists if you don’t mind. In the past I have just let those pesky books that I give up on drop off the “currently reading” list. It is a good idea to record them.

  3. gentle reader – So far I find Atonement to be interesting. His sentences sometimes throw me for a loop though, and I have to reread them.

    Brad – You’re certainly welcome to list Abandoned books on your site, in fact, I think I stole the idea from someone else!

  4. The Blind Assassin, excellent. Atonement, excellent. I am Legend, pulpy but fun. I’ve got Europe Central and Infinite Jest but haven’t started either because they are so chunky.

  5. I read the Blind Assassin a while back and enjoyed it. Still, what attracted you to it?

  6. Stefanie – Glad a couple of my picks were excellent, and yes, Europe Central and Infinite Jest are quite long, but for some reason I had been looking for an epic length novel lately, don’t really know why.

    John – I think I was drawn to The Blind Assassin because my sister is an Atwood fan and because I’d read some good reviews of it. I can’t really explain any further than that, I just suddenly found myself wanting to read it.

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