Posted by: Matt | May 8, 2007

Reading Atonement

AtonementAtonement, by Ian McEwan, kind of snuck up on me the same way Blindness did. I wasn’t expecting a lighthearted story, but I also wasn’t expecting something so tragic. I’m about half way through the book right now. The first half was spent getting to know a wealthy family in 1930s England. Particularly a little girl named Briony. I can relate to Briony in that she is always writing stories and I am always wanting to write a story. But then things take a turn, a terrible turn.

I’m really quite intrigued now, the book has finally reached the conflict it needs to capture my attention, to pull me along for the rest of the ride. I am also curious as to whether this is McEwan’s typical M.O. To run along, pulling the reader into the character’s everyday lives, tossing in the big plot point midway through the novel. Or maybe it just took me awhile to catch on.



  1. Isn’t that quite a turn? I’ll be interested to hear what you think when you get to the end.

  2. This is on my shelf and it will be my first McEwan. Interested to hear your final remarks on it.

  3. I am also interested to see what I think once I’ve finished! I really have no idea what my final thoughts will be.

  4. And I think Atonement is actually one of his less tragic works! As I remember, Amsterdam and Enduring Love were unrelentingly dark. But I’m interested to hear what you think, as the story changes quite a bit after the turn you’re talking about…

  5. I really liked this book. I hope you keep liking it through til the end. If you want more of him, I recommend Enduring Love, a novel about a scary stalker.

  6. gentle reader and Dewey – I was thinking that if I liked Atonement I would read Enduring Love and/or Saturday next. His stories seem to have quite a range of subject matter.

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