Posted by: Matt | June 12, 2007

I Haven’t Been Ignoring You

I have received several comments on the new look I’ve been sporting.  Several of them have been quite positive, but many of them have also mentioned that the text is a bit small.  I would like those of you who have raised this concern to know that I am not ignoring you.  Unfortunately the way my blog is currently set up I am unable to change the font size myself.  For this reason, I am considering moving my blog.  A friend has graciously volunteered to host my blog as a subdomain on his site.  We are currently talking through the possibilities of this and he may have it set up by this weekend.  This would give me more options for themes as well as give me the ability to adjust things like font size and text colors.  I know that too much change can be a bad thing, and I hope not to loose any readers by moving, but it is the best option I have been able to come up.  So barring any large obstacles my address will be changing in a few weeks time.  In the mean time, everything will stay the same and for those of you having trouble with the font size I provide the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (Windows): Ctrl and +
  • Mac: Cmd and + (unable to verify as I don’t have access to a Mac)
  • Opera: 0 (that is the number 0) (unable to verify as I don’t have Opera installed)

If you are a Mac or Opera user feel free to let me know in the comments if I have the correct shortcuts.



  1. Yep, you’ve got it right for Mac users. And as an additional note on the latest Firefox (Mac) your text size is fine — not sure why the two browsers render it differently.

  2. Cool, Matt. Good luck on the move and all the work involved in getting that done. I’ve been tempted to move from Blogger but they make it so easy (if you’re content with the templates offered) that I haven’t found the courage to make a move.

  3. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. And good job at getting the Mac command right! 🙂

  4. I like the new look, and the font size is fine for me. Still, understand the need for the move.

    I looked for you email to invite to participate in my new Great Wednesday Compare game, but couldn’t find one here. Now it looks like I’m working in a plug for myself! Anyway, I hope you weigh in.

  5. Why do I make so many dang typos whenever I comment on your blog? Probably because I don’t see a way to edit them afterwards.

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