Posted by: Matt | June 14, 2007

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I should have posted this yesterday, just wanted to let you all know that my post yesterday, “Do Not Read This”, was inspired by a few posts I read on other blogs about an article written by a lit critic.  It was also inspired by the war that critics have been waging as a whole against bloggers recently.  I refer you to the following posts:

Each of these blogs has a fine post on the topic, I recommend you visit each of them.  I was purposely staying out of the whole thing, but after yesterdays fervor I finally decided to post a bit of commentary.  Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for the link, Matt….but seriously, no credit is necessary. I read it, and it sparked something in me. I’ll probably have a follow-up tomorrw. Sam at Book Chase got me thinking about this wonderful “community”. I like that world. Makes me feel like we are all a part of something, you know??

  2. Stephanie – I was thinking about the “community” this morning and it is nice to be a part of something. It’s nice to have people to bounce ideas off of.

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