Posted by: Matt | June 15, 2007


A bit random today.

Last night my sister and I discussed A Primate’s Memoir that we read for sort of a mini book club, just the two of us. Discussed the author’s propensity for getting into dangerous situations for possibly the sake of “machismo”, my sister’s word. Although he doesn’t seem like that type of guy. Also his bashing of Dian Fossey, did it stem from being a fancy-pants PhD or honest criticism?

Just starting to close on Never Let Me Go, which my wife and I are reading. I’m ramping up to give it a bit of a working over. That is unless the ending holds surprises for me which I don’t anticipate.

Radiohead Minotaur

And Blood Meridian is so far a fantastic piece of fiction, better, in my opinion, than The Road which I thought was quite good. McCarthy is a genius at painting a vivid picture of the environment and actions of his characters. Don’t know how he does it. He puts brilliant words in a brilliant order and did you see him on Oprah, I didn’t because I don’t much care for Oprah but I wish I had seen the interview and it seems he’s not only brilliant but humble.

And Infinite Jest is proving clever and intriguing when it isn’t so difficult to follow and there are about 15 different storylines and so I merely attempt to digest it piece by piece. And will I ever finish?



  1. I read Never Let Me Go when it was first published. A very interesting book! I really liked Ishiguro’s simplicity and utter “weirdness”!! He’s a facinating author! Can’t wait to read your review!

  2. I’ve been afraid to read Blood Meridian ever since I heard on an NPR program that it was one of the most graphically violent books ever written. Are you finding that to be the case?

  3. stephanie – You might not be too excited to read my review, I haven’t liked it a whole lot. But yet I still feel I should read other Ishiguro books.

    J.S. Peyton – It is extremely violent. But yet I still find it to be a very good book. McCarthy has a way of writing…

  4. Matt your reaction to Never Let Me Go sounds about the same as mine. I bought it in hard cover when it was released with a lot of critical hype and well…it was good but it didn’t bowl me over. I’ve read blog posts and critical essays by people who were more appreciative which brought up new ideas to consider but still….meh.

    Like you though I felt as if I ought to try more of his work so I have a used copy of The Unconsoled waiting to be read.

    Great to hear that you’re finding Blood Meridian better than The Road. I intend to read it first once I get around to it.

  5. imani – I kind of wonder if I was looking for something in <i>Never Let Me Go</i> and didn’t find it, but it was there and I missed it.
    If you can tolerate a lot of pretty graphic violence, <i>Blood Meridian</i> is definitely one to pick up.

  6. For me it was the writing — the style never really impressed me and distracted me from the very spell-binding plot. (I knew about the critical hype but did not actually read much of it so I read the book ignorant of the big secret.) I found it too casual to the point of lazy. *shrugs*

    I picked up Blood Meridian for the violence. I wanted a western example of a particularly violent, aggressive novel that wasn’t about war time, or a serial killer or anything like that, after reading a violent Jamaican novel. I wanted to compare how it was handled.

  7. imani – I did know about the big secret before reading, so that was never a source of intrigue. The story never pulled me in, I never felt the desire to keep reading and reading.

    Well violence you shall have!

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