Posted by: Matt | June 24, 2007

Making the List

In this second installment I have four new books added. This week’s list includes a non-fiction book, a Sci-Fi and super-villain novel and a Western.

  • Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman – “The story shifts between the perspectives of Doctor Impossible, a brilliant scientist turned world’s greatest menace, and Fatale, a lonely cyborg and the newest addition to the venerable group of heroes known as the Champions. Though he’s been out of commission for a while, Doctor Impossible hatches a scheme to knock the planet out of orbit (“As the Earth grows colder, my power becomes apparent, and the nations submit,” he reasons). Meanwhile, Champions leader Corefire goes missing, and Fatale has to learn the ropes of superherodom as the conventional climactic showdown (at Doctor Impossible’s secret lair) draws near.”
  • River of Gods by Ian McDonald – “In the India of 2047, genetically engineered children comprise a new caste, adults can be surgically transformed into a neutral gender, a water war has broken out as the Ganges threatens to run dry, AIs are violently destroyed if they approach levels akin to human intelligence, and something strange has just appeared in the solar system.”
  • Crashing Through by Robert Kurson – “Blinded in a childhood accident, Mike May never hesitated to try anything—driving a motorcycle, hiking alone in the woods, downhill skiing—until the day, when May was 46, an ophthalmologist told him a new stem-cell and cornea transplant could restore his vision. As Esquire contributing editor Kurson (Shadow Divers) relates, the decision to have the surgery wasn’t easy. May, always a “pioneer in his heart,” had never really felt he was missing anything in life. The surgery also had a few risks: the restoration of sight might only be temporary; the immunosuppressive drug was highly toxic; May might never adjust to the changes having sight would cause. Previously, patients had become depressed, their lives ruined because, while it might seem strange to sighted people, these patients found that the idea of vision was better than the reality. May went forward, only to find that, even though his eye was now perfect, his brain had forgotten how to process visual input. Fascinated by colors and patterns, he had difficulty discerning facial features, letters, even men from women. How May adjusts to his medical miracle, living with the disappointments as well as the joys, makes for a remarkable story of courage and endurance.”
  • Warlock by Oakley Hall – “A newly hired gun-slinging lawman, Clay Blaisedell, tries to restore order to the mythical silver mining town of Warlock, Calif. His reputation for violence serves him well during the first robbery on his watch, but his quick trigger finger, and that of deputy John Gannon, also get him in trouble. A bizarre killing spree (covertly perpetrated by Blaisedell’s best friend, a murky political figure named Tom Morgan) and an impending miners’ strike (one that allows gang leader Abe McQuown to mount a charge against Blaisedell and Gannon) set up the inevitable final, blazing set of confrontations.”

I first saw Soon I Will Be Invincible on the book blog at, then saw that J.S. Peyton from Biblioaddict had purchased it. I’ve seen it several other places since then and had to add it to the list. Warlock was added after perusing the New York Review Books Classics catalog. Stefanie at So Many Books wrote a post mentioning the NYRB Classics which prompted me to take a look. I also thought of Sam at Book Chase when adding Warlock as he is a big fan of Westerns. That’s all for this week…



  1. I kinda “Stole” this idea from you Matt! I hope you don’t mind!

  2. You know, I didn’t realize until a few days ago that I could use Soon I Will Be Invincible as my New Notions 5 July SciFi pick. Since then, I’ve been chomping at the bit to sink my teeth into that book. Great idea for “The List.” It seems like a great way to keep up with the out-of-control reading mountain that my list has become.

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