Posted by: Matt | July 8, 2007

Making the List

This Sunday I have two books to add again, this time they’re both fiction. The first is translated to English from the original Danish. It will be released later this month. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book written by a Dane before, this will be my first when I get to it. The second is by an author that seems to be one of those that critics think everyone should read. Don’t know much about him myself.

  • The Exception by Christian Jungersen – “The slow burn of office politics can be just as riveting as international intrigue, as shown in Jungersen’s second novel, his first to be translated into English. Iben, Malene and Camilla work in Copenhagen for the Danish Center for Information on Genocide. Even before Iben and Malene receive death threats with Nazi overtones, the three friends had been ostracizing the new librarian, Anne-Lise. Though evidence suggests Serbian war criminal Mirko Zigic has been sending the death threats, the paranoia and fear of the three friends converge to make Anne-Lise the target of rising suspicion. Victimizing is part of human nature, Anne-Lise’s doctor tells her when she seeks advice, and the novel hauntingly pursues this idea to its deepest implications.”
  • Angels by Denis Johnson – “The most critically acclaimed, and first, of Denis Johnson’s novels, Angels puts Jamie Mays — a runaway wife toting along two kids — and Bill Houston — ex-Navy man, ex-husband, ex-con — on a Greyhound Bus for a dark, wild ride cross country. Driven by restless souls, bad booze, and desperate needs, Jamie and Bill bounce from bus stations to cheap hotels as they ply the strange, fascinating, and dangerous fringe of American life. Their tickets may say Phoenix, but their inescapable destination is a last stop marked by stunning violence and mind-shattering surprise.”

Anyone read anything by Denis Johnson?



  1. Sorry, haven’t read Denis Johnson, but he’s one of those writers I feel I should have read. So if you read him, let us know what you think–I’d be very interested to hear!

  2. They sound interesting. I haven’t read anything by either of the authors.

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