Posted by: Matt | July 27, 2007

5 Reasons I Blog

For the second straight day I’ve been tagged for a meme.  This time by Dewey at the hidden side of a leaf.  Here they are in no particular order…

1.   Comments, or, blogs are a great way to have a discussion.  I love getting comments because it not only means that people are reading but also that I have provoked a response.  In addition, I often  get to see the other side of a topic that I hadn’t considered.  Or maybe I had considered it but never thought to put it into words.  I have noticed that many of my commenters are more intelligent than me so I get to learn.

2.   It is a challenge.  I dread writing reviews for books because it’s difficult for me.  I want to write something intelligent and thoughtful about what I’ve read.  Sometimes I’m not sure I’ve grasped the material enough to do that.  But when I do write a review that I feel is pretty good it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

3.  It causes me to think more about what I’m reading.  This ties back to the writing of reviews.  Because I know I will be writing about each book I read I have to think about it.  I find myself analyzing what I read a lot more now.  And I believe that books should make us think, we should learn from them.

4.  Helps to keep track of what I’ve read.  It all started with my keeping track of the books I read starting this year in an Excel spreadsheet.  A blog was one more way I could track the books I have read or wanted to read.  But also do it in a more in depth way than just using a spreadsheet.

5.  I wanted a way to get some of my thoughts out there.  This is the third blog I’ve tried.  The other two died quick deaths.  The two previous blogs were basically just me ranting.  Blogging about books allowed me to be more positive, but serious at the same time.  Having commenters and a whole litblogging community has helped me keep going this time so I thank you very much!

Seriously, I thank all of you who visit!



  1. Enjoyed your answers Matt. Number three is a definite big one for me too. I like number 4 too. I used to just keep lists and then graduated to a very simple database but while it’s useful to track what I’ve read it doesn’t tell me what I thought about it and even if I did write a bit what I thought about it it’s no fun when I’m the only one who reads it 🙂 Blog on!

  2. Stefanie – Yeah, if no one else reads it, it’s just like talking to yourself. Blogging is definitely more fun with feedback.

  3. I forgot to mention number 4 as one of my reasons, but it really is.

    If you’re particularly dreading a review, maybe try something different? Just post a quote from the book, or choose your favorite character and only write about him or her, etc. I should take some of that advice myself, since I’m all behind on reviews right now!

  4. You’ve nailed it for me on #3, I love what having a blog does for my reading. In the sense that I think more while I’m reading about what I’d like to say about it and how I think it might be interesting for other people.

  5. Dew – Unfortunately the reviews I often dread writing are for the books I like the most, I just can’t seem to get across why I liked them so much. I do like your idea of changing things up though, might have to try it next time I’m really struggling.

    verbivore – I think I remember the books I’ve read since starting this blog better than the books I read before, because I think more about them and then write about them which helps me internalize. #3 is definitely one of the most important points of the five.

  6. We have similar answers!

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