Posted by: Matt | August 24, 2007

A New Look

I made a comment in a post a couple of days ago about changing the look of my blog again. There are a few things I like better about this theme. First of all, it lists the pages right up there at the top in tabs. As you can see I’ve moved the list of books I’ve read this year to its own page, it was just getting to be too long (that’s good, right?). I have also made a separate page for the reading challenges in which I am currently involved. Each post now also lists the categories it is filed under at the bottom of the post. And you will now find the list of all categories at the very bottom of the page beneath all of the posts. It should also be easier to differentiate posts now as well. In addition, I am experimenting with having the flickr widget up as I think there are some great shots over there.

Well here it is, hope you like it! My wife does because she says it looks “happy”.



  1. I love the new look!

  2. I definitely like it! I wish I was in wordpress, so I could have fancy tabs, lol.

  3. Kelly – Glad you like it. I’m worried that I’ve changed the look too many times. This is already the second time. I’ll try to settle down now…

    Eva – You can always switch over to WordPress! I think there is a way to transfer all your posts automagically.

  4. I like it! Blogger is so…..dull. And I am not so savvy, now that I’ve figured it out to some degree I’m hesitant to switch.

  5. VERY nice theme and look!
    (Don’t you just love wordpress!)

  6. Looks great, Matt. I really like the way that the lighter background makes it easier for me to read your posts…and my responses. Very nice.

  7. tara – WordPress makes it easy with changing themes. Although I am a web developer I prefer doing things the easy way away from work.

    merrimerri – Thanks! WordPress has been great, just wish they allowed the use of Javascript.

    Sam Houston – I’m glad it’s easier on the eyes, I know the previous look was hard for a few people that way.

  8. Oh, I like it too. It’s a LOT easier to read!

  9. I agree with your wife that it looks much happier. Nice.

  10. My eyes! My EYES! It’S SO haPPY!

    Seriously though, it looks nice. The layout seems really well designed to organize everything that you’re talking about. I especially like how you can immediately search for similarly ranked books and authors’ names starting with the same letter.

  11. Carrie K – I’m starting to feel bad that my last look was so hard to read… 🙂

    John – I hadn’t even thought of describing it as happy when my wife said that. Happy is good though.

    Kevin – Yeah, I like how the categories are organized at the bottom. Hopefully it’s helpful. Sorry if it’s too happy for you. 🙂

  12. Matt, its been a while since I’ve been bloghopping, so I’ve just recently made it to your site, but I really like the new look. The white background seems a lot easier to read than the black.

  13. Trish – Your opinion on the white background being easier to read seems to be the consensus. Glad it’s working better for everyone!

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