Posted by: Matt | August 29, 2007

Japanation Station

I’d like to take a moment to plug my friend’s blog.  You may have noticed (if you leave comments here) a commenter by the name of Kevin.  He is a friend of mine living in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.  He has been keeping a blog of his life there and other interesting things he finds and it is called digitalKI.  It is not a book blog although he does sometimes blog about them.  There are often insights that are unique to someone living in Japan that I find interesting.  For example, he recently had the opportunity to try a delicious dish:  pasta with squid ink sauce.  So if it sounds interesting to you head on over and check it out.  And I promise if you do he won’t make you try the squid ink pasta.



  1. Erm, what’s the URL for the digitalKI blog? I wanted to check it out, but the funky preview popup kept cycling through and somehow kept me from opening up the link.

  2. Heather – Sorry about that. I think it’s a problem with the theme I’ve chosen. There always seems to be some problem with every theme… 😦 I’ve turned off the popup so the links should work better now, but I’ll give you the URL too:

  3. Cool! I’ve been shamelessly plugged – although I’m not sure how wise that was. (^_^)
    I’m going to be in Germany for a few days starting tomorrow, but when I return I’m going to start posting my short stories on my blog. Matt, you’ve read both of them already (grammar mistakes and all), but I just started a new sci-fi one that I’m hoping to get done in the next two weeks.
    I find it really hard to find the voice of characters in my head. Do I write in first-person, do I write in present tense? These questions always screw me up in the beginning. Just goes to show you how impressive the authors you mention on your site really are.

  4. Kevin – Have fun in Germany! You’re braver than I to post something like that.

  5. I’ll tell my friend who teaches English in the JET program about his blog!

  6. Dew – Sounds good. My friend with the blog used to teach English in Japan.

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