Posted by: Matt | August 31, 2007

That Most Glorious of Days is Nigh

In just over an hour I will be on vacation. In less than 24 I will be in Seattle. The day for which I have waited for weeks now is almost here. I will not have to go to work for over a week. I will not have to do yard work, will not have to clean the house. ItBeautiful Seattle will be wonderful.

My wife, daughter and I fly up to Seattle tomorrow morning (look at that picture, it’s beautiful!). We will be staying with my parents, visiting family and friends and bookstores, and being lazy. My presence on the intertubes will be severely reduced, but I still do plan on doing a few posts to the blog.

We will be returning home on Sept. 10th. I will be posting regularly again after that. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to do a little vacation jig. See ya around!



  1. Have a spectacular time! Incidentally we will be flying to Seattle tomorrow morning as well (from Texas), but we embark on a cruise to Alaska tomorrow afternoon. And yes, it does look gorgeous; I’m jealous we won’t be spending any time there as you will be…

  2. Trish – Well I’m jealous I won’t be going on a cruise! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Hey Matt, have a great time! Hope that it doesn’t rain too much..(but Seattle is still beautiful no matter what weather)

  4. Have a great, lazy and bookish vacation! Enjoy! Seattle is very beautiful. By the time you get back I’ll be off to the south (Mexico). 🙂

  5. Enjoy your vacation! I grew up in Seattle, it is a beautiful city. I envy that you can be there now.

  6. Have a great holiday!

  7. Enjoy your trip, Matt! The weather should be gorgeous while you’re here! While you’re visiting the bookstores, you should also check out the new downtown Seattle library.

  8. Have a great time in Seattle! I’ve only been once recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t buy too many books there, like I did!

  9. Have a wonderful time – I grew up in Seattle and miss it like crazy. Great food. Great book stores!

  10. Have a great time! Sounds like a wonderful vacation, and report back on the books and bookstores!

  11. Have a wonderful vacation!! I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle!!

  12. Whooo! Enjoy the vacation!

  13. You’re already off on vacation. Hope you are enjoying/did enjoy it!

  14. What fun! I love Seattle!

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