Posted by: Matt | September 12, 2007

August Breakdown

I’m getting to this quite late because of my vacation.  August was a very good month for me reading wise.  I read more pages last month than any other month this year.  I am also on pace now for something like 72 books read this year.  So here are the particulars, and as usual the titles of the books link to my reviews.

-2889 pages

-8 books

-3.44 average rating (really dragged down by two particular books)

-2 books reviewed for Curled Up

-2 books read for challenges

September is looking like it will be a slower month.  I’ve only finished two books so far, but I guess I still have over two weeks left.  Better get busy…



  1. Let me guess which two books dragged down the score…..

    Now, now. It’s the quality not the quantity. Isn’t it? 😉

  2. What a great month! I love the whole “stats” thing, I think I’ll have to start doing a monthly report, too. Well done!

  3. Whoah Matt! 8 books in a month! On track for 72 for the year! Very impressive.

  4. Carrie K – I was actually surprised to see the average score that low as 4 of the books I read I gave a rating of 4 or higher. I guess when you have a couple of books in the 2 range it really brings things down.

    gentle reader – This is the first month that I’ve thrown in the pages read and the average rating. I saw it on another blog somewhere which I would like to credit but now I can’t remember which one it was. 😦

    Stefanie – I was really surprised how much I read last month. And I’m very surprised that I’m on pace for 72 this year. This is the first year I’ve kept track but I think my previous high was probably in the 20s or lower. I’ve really become addicted this year. 🙂

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