Posted by: Matt | October 4, 2007


Normally I try to respond to each comment I receive on a post, but I think with my previous post on my career “troubles” it would likely take too long and I prefer to just take in the advice rather than respond individually.  I apologize for this more impersonal response.  I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and support, I feel a bit embarrassed as this is supposed to be a book blog not an emotional journal.  So I also thank you for allowing this little foray into more personal issues.  I promise to get back on track starting later today.

The idea of changing things drastically is a bit frightening but also exciting.  I just hope, as I am sure everyone does, to find something I really enjoy.  It’s tough when you have several obligations you have to balance but that’s how it goes and I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t already know as it sounds like I am far from being alone.  So thanks again…



  1. Just wanted to send you some good vibes with this. I have gone through those career troubles many times but luckily things have usually come out better. I just got laid off this week but I’m kind of excited about having some time off. I think staying positive is the most important thing and it definitely sounds like you are trying to do just that. Best of luck.

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