Posted by: Matt | October 9, 2007


I joined BookMooch today and immediately posted five books.  Within ten minutes I had requests for two of those books.  With the books I Ebay’d that makes for a lot of shipping to be done.  I took down two of the five after that small rush so as not to be overwhelmed.  Eva left a comment yesterday which alerted me to that possibility.  That means I already have enough points to mooch two books.  However, I have decided to wait for now as I have plenty of other books I need to read.  But I may not be able to hold off for very long as I easily give into temptation.  So, the moral of the story is, if you sign up for BookMooch know that things move quickly!



  1. I’ve had the same experience in the last three weeks, Matt. I listed 10 books at the start and three were snapped up the first day. Since then I’ve had three more taken and I’ve added about three. So tomorrow morning I’m heading to the post office to mail that sixth book. So far, I’ve only received one and one other is on the way.

    Book Mooch is great but that postage does tend to add up pretty quickly, doesn’t it?

  2. I’ve been planning on joining Book Mooch for some time now, but am waiting until I have a hefty pile of books I don’t want, to post. Exciting to think that it does move quickly! I can’t wait…

  3. I am sure i have already mentioned how much I love Bookmooch – living outside the states and needing a constantly renewing source of books in English, it has been a godsend for me. But yes, it can go very fast sometimes!

  4. I’ve enjoyed using bookmooch as well. I also use -(the books don’t have to be paperbacks) – there are some things I like better about them and I’ve definitely found more books I’ve been looking for there.

  5. At least we have Media Mail! But I agree, I was taken aback by how quickly some books go.

    Now, I’ve noticed it goes in cycles. For a week or two, I won’t have any mooches. Then, I’ll suddenly have five or six a week for awhile. Weird.

  6. Oh, that happened to me last month in which I listed ten new books. Five were mooched within the next half hour, and by the end of the week the other five were gone. Even with Media Mail shipping, it cost me a pretty penny to ship. Although, I must say that what I got in return with my points made it worthwhile.

    My biggest “peeve” – if you could call it that – is that Bookmoochers are really quick on the draw, especially if it’s a highly coveted book. Several books I’ve wanted have been gone within literally seconds after being posted. I have no idea how they do that! I’m still trying to WORLD WAR Z. Maybe the fifth time will be the charm.

    Welcome to Bookmooch! : )

  7. J.S., I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who is slow on the trigger. I’ve been trying for a couple of books but by the time, usually within minutes of getting the email, I log on to Book Mooch they are long gone. It’s happened half a dozen times with two different books now.

  8. I agree that it’s frustrating, but it makes the exhiliration of actually getting the book all the more exciting. 🙂

  9. I keep my inventory small, too, for the same reason. Right now I have a dozen or so books no one ever wants, and I just add books one at a time as I finish them, and they pretty much get snapped up that same day.

    If you want to add me as a bookmooch friend, I’m Dewey there, too. 🙂

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