Posted by: Matt | October 23, 2007

House of Meetings

Today begins the third straight week I have been sick, apparently I have a sinus infection and most likely bronchitis.  The coughing gets particularly bad at night so sleeping is difficult.  This has made for pleasant days recently.  But enough about that.

My blog has clearly been lacking in reviews, any type of post really, lately.  I am not posting the actual text of a review today, but I will give you a link to my latest review to go up at Curled Up.  This one is for House of Meetings by Martin Amis.  I found it to be just okay.  If you would like to check out another, much more positive take on the book head over to Incurable Logophilia.


  1. It’s sounds like you’re having a pretty tough time. I hope it clears up soon.

  2. Get well soon, buddy. Take it easy until you do (if that’s possible).

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon as well. No fun. I think your review is good, and very fair to the book – the narrator IS really difficult to have sympathy for and he’s a horrible person in many ways. For some reason, I found myself compelled to try and understand him. I read this book for a book group and we were definitely a divided bunch. It would be interesting once to try and figure out why some characters manage to get my sympathy and others not…I also loved how Amis writes

  4. I’ve never had bronchitis but I’ve had plenty of sinus infections. I can guess how you feel. Hope you’ve got some good antibiotics and get to feeling better soon!

  5. John – I also hope it clears up soon, particularly this cough.

    Sam – Well, I can take it easy in so far as I sit at a desk all day at work. I do wish I could sleep a little more though, they probably wouldn’t like that at work though… 🙂

    verbivore – It is very interesting how we as readers develop sympathy, like or dislike for characters in books. I have read stories where I absolutely hated a character but still at times felt sorry for them.

    Stefanie – Not much to bronchitis except a whole lot of coughing. More annoying than anything else. This is the first sinus infection I’ve had since I can remember.

  6. I’ve been having fits of coughing only at nights and the doc told me it’s new allergies. So I’ve been calling the night really early. I thought I had bronchitis at first!

    Get well soon Matt! 🙂

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