Posted by: Matt | November 9, 2007

House of the Deaf

My review of House of the Deaf by Lamar Herrin is now available at Curled Up.  I didn’t particularly like it.  There was some weird stuff going on it.



  1. hello! i’d like to invite you to add your blog to the bookblogblog at … 🙂

  2. Hmm, I was wondering what one would do if one disliked a book. I’m about to get my first batch. Will they leave your mildly negative review up? What if it was really snarky?

  3. dew – Well, they have left this review up. I think they realize that sometimes a book just isn’t good or the reviewer won’t like it. I have actually given a couple of pretty bad reviews and am just about ready to completely thrash a book I recently read for Curled Up.

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