Posted by: Matt | November 27, 2007



When this month’s issue of National Geographic arrived in the mail I was quite excited. On the cover was a picture of a dinosaur. I was immediately reminded of my childhood love of all things dinosaur. In fact, I don’t think I had read anything about dinosaurs since I was a child. It was a really great nostalgic feeling. And it has renewed my interest in them. I would love to find a recent book about them, recent because I know theories on them and their extinction have changed a lot since I was in elementary school. Unfortunately I am having a difficult time finding anything written about dinosaurs with the adult in mind, it seems like everything on Amazon is directed to children.

So I have two questions. Has anyone had this kind of reading experience lately, one that has remind them of their childhood and caused them to feel that old excitement? And does anyone have any recommendations for good dinosaur books?



  1. I sort of felt that way reading Harry Potter recently. There’s something about reading something you’ve been anticipating for a long time. I’ll be that way when I get to read Buckell’s Sly Mongoose…I’m sort of on the edge of my seat at the moment waiting for it :P.

    Honestly, go to your local library and start picking stuff up on Dino’s. There’s so much out there it’s hard to pick anything I could recommend…

  2. SMD – I always get excited about starting a new book because every book I have on my shelf is one that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile so I know what you mean. I still need to read Ragamuffin so I’ve got that to help me with the wait to Sly Mongoose.

    I probably should just go check out what the library has on dinosaurs like you say. Maybe just spend an hour or so there looking things over.

  3. Nothing like that recently, but it is an awesome feeling. Similar to being so into a book that I’m unaware that I’m reading, it feels as if I’m *there*.

    SMD’s advice sounds good. Used bookstores would probably be a good place to browse too.

  4. Carrie K – I think the only similar feeling I’ve had to getting that issue of National Geographic is reading books to my daughter that I read as a kid.

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