Posted by: Matt | December 5, 2007

November Breakdown

November was my rebound month after a low page count in October. I’m back to my average amount of reading and my usual excitement. I read:

-7 books:

  • A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
  • Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell
  • Nine by Andrzej Strasiuk (review to be posted on Curled Up, gave it a 1.0, my lowest score ever)
  • The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
  • River of Gods by Ian McDonald (no review written, rated 3.0)
  • Black Swan Green by David Mitchell
  • A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham (no review written, rated 3.5)

-2406 pages

-3.36 average rating

-1 book read for Curled Up

-Favorites: Crystal Rain and Black Swan Green

-Least Favorite: Nine (I despised this book)

So overall a pretty good month, although the average rating was quite low, but that was mostly due to one book in particular (you can probably guess which one). I am definitely going to make it to 70 books this year and I might go a couple of books over that, but with the Holidays here I might not.



  1. I’d put A Confederacy of Dunces in my least favorite of all time list. Ugh, what a drag reading that was.

  2. I’m with Joe. Hated CoD. Now I should check out the Nine and see if I should read all your least favorite books and avoid your favorites….. 😉

  3. Joe – I know that Confederacy of Dunces is a pretty divisive book, people usually really enjoy it or hate it. I thought I might be on the hating side but surprisingly liked it.

    Carrie K – Hehe, maybe we are totally opposite on reading, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like Nine, I would like to hear from someone who did though, and why…

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