Posted by: Matt | December 19, 2007

Introducing A Variety of Notes

I recently decided to start taking notes while reading non-fiction books. The first book I did this for was a book I just recently finished entitled Under the Black Flag. As you might be able to guess, this is a book about pirates. Anyway, I also decided that I would post my notes on a blog, but decided that this blog was probably not the best place for them.

So I have created a new one, A Variety of Notes (how original, eh?). The new site will likely be updated several times a week, each post will be a chapter from whatever non-fiction book I am reading at the time, or have just recently read. The notes will be almost verbatim from my notebook, with a little editing for clarity.  For the most part they are free of personal thoughts, although those will be found from time to time, most often after the last chapter.

If this sounds interesting, head on over, if it doesn’t… well, I didn’t do it for you anyway! 😉



  1. That’s a neat idea, I look forward to browsing the notes!

  2. verbivore – I hope you find them interesting!

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