Posted by: Matt | December 20, 2007

First Lines of the Month

I’ve seen this meme popping up on several blogs in the past few days. All you have to do is post the first line of the first post from each month. I’ll be picking it up in March, for that is when this blog was born…

March: “I’ve always enjoyed books, and I’m usually in the process of reading one.”

April: “<sarcasm>Today has been a joy and last night was even better.</sarcasm>”

May: “Now that we’ve reached the first day of May, I thought I’d summarize April’s reading.”

June: “I had another record month in May.”

July: “This edition is coming a day late because of an adventure I had over the past weekend.”

August: “I’m always up for some sci-fi and this sounded like a good one.”

September: “Well I’m back from vacation.”

October: “Pardon me while I attempt to rediscover my motivation for blogging…”

November: “Wow, I did not have a very good October.”

December: “I’ve been reading A Short History of Nearly Everything, an entertaining and fascinating book by the way, and have found myself with a renewed interest in earth sciences, as well as gaining new interest in astrophysics and cosmology.”


I plan on starting my end of the year posts soon which will include my “best books read in 2007”, “best books of 2007” and “worst books read in 2007” lists. Should be fun…



  1. You’ve only been blogging since March? Seems like I’ve been reading you for longer than that! It must be because you’re such a natural 🙂

  2. Stefanie – Well I don’t know about that! You’re too nice. 🙂

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