Posted by: Matt | January 4, 2008

2007 Breakdown

This past year was the first time I kept track of every book I read as well as rating them. I won’t list every book I read in 2007 here, but if you are interested you can check the “Books Read in 2007” tab above. I will list some statistics for the year though. As I have written before, even though I have never before tracked my reading I know that I read much more than ever before. So here are the stats:

  • 74 books read
  • For a total of 25,843 pages (give or take a hundred or so because books don’t usually start on page 1)
  • 349.2 pages per book on average
  • 3.64 average rating
  • 11 non-fiction, 23 sff, and 40 general fiction
  • 59 male authors/15 female authors

I think that’s pretty much every statistic that could be considered even remotely interesting. I don’t really have any goals set for 2008 other than that I would like to match my page total from 2007. I decided on page total instead of number of books because many of the books I plan on reading this year are longer than last years. However, I will likely miss my page total from this past year because of my decision to take notes while reading non-fiction books which slows me down quite a bit, it will also be slow going because many of my non-fiction reads will be about physics.



  1. Wow, 74! Impressive. And a good average rating too.

  2. I found non fiction to slow me down considerably too, and not just physics.

    And au contraire! Were they published in this millenium? And …….well, no. You did cover it quite nicely. I just love read these stats.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good year!! Although I kept track of the books I read, I didn’t break them down any further. Guess I will have to do that for next year!!

    Happy New Year, by the way!

  4. I love looking at people’s stats! Although I don’t have the energy to count up all the pages…I had put them all in my excel list, so I could easily count them at the end of the year, but then my laptop died in November. 😦

    I look forward to your reviews next year-you tend to read in very different genres than me, so I always feel more ‘broadened’ when I came here. 😀

  5. Stefanie – I was surprised by how many I ended up reading. And I think the good average rating can be explained by the fact that I usually only read books that I am very interested in.

    Carrie K – There are probably several other ways I could have broken this down, but I just couldn’t think of anymore at the time… 🙂

    Stephanie – Thanks, happy New Year to you as well. I’ve been kind of an organizational freak with my books so I find it fun to break it down like this.

    Eva – If it weren’t for my Excel spreadsheet I wouldn’t have had the page count either. Glad you fee more “broadened”, I like to mix things up to keep myself interested.

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