Posted by: Matt | January 10, 2008

This is Not a Keira Knightley Fansite

Over the last week my blog has been getting a large number of visits from searches for Keira Knightley.  They’re taking a look at my post about how skeleton thin she is.  I’m not sure why this sudden interest in her.  Has something been going on with Keira lately that I’m not aware of?  Either that or it’s a bunch of spammers looking to prey on sites with Keira Knightley info.  Either way I don’t know what is going on.  I’ve thought about deleting the post so as not to mislead those poor Googlers looking for a nice article on their favorite actress.  But I’ll probably just leave it up.  Unfortunately, it is certainly distorting my stats.

I just realized that this post is probably just going to make things worse, whoops…



  1. Don’t know why there would be any more interest in Keira than usual, except maybe that she has a movie out–Atonement. Maybe she’s up for a Golden Globe or something…

  2. A lot of the reviews for Atonement dwelt on her skeletal appearance (especially the more downmarket UK press). Perhaps that’s why some people chose to follow it up!
    I did a radical thing with my site where I’ve blocked it from Google bots – as people kept coming from searches loosely connected with various remarks I’d made or actors I’d mentioned.

  3. gentle reader – Well, I knew about the movie, but I thought it had been released some time ago, maybe not…

    Stephen – That could be it! I wish I could do what you did with your site, but using WordPress on their site I’m pretty limited in what I can do.

  4. “I just realized that this post is probably just going to make things worse, whoops…”

    Hehe! I was just thinking that as I was reading this.

  5. That happens to me all the time with random words from posts I’ve written. Last November, I wrote a post on diaries and the people who read them, and a few days ago my visitor count went way up by people Googling “diary.” Strange, but it’s not the strangest I’ve gotten.

  6. Heather – Oh well, maybe now when people Google Keira Knightely they’ll see the title of this post come up and not click…

    J.S. Peyton – Yeah, I’ve got some strange Googles here before, but nothing with this much traffic.

  7. Its not??!!! Oh, what the hell!

  8. sherid – Disappointing, I know.

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