Posted by: Matt | May 19, 2008

Shadows Linger

Shadows Linger
Glen Cook
226 pgs

Shadows Linger is the second book in the Black Company series by Glen Cook. The series relates tales of a military company for hire. The first novel, The Black Company, has them joining up with the Lady, a powerful force for evil in the northern lands. Shadows Linger picks up several years after with the Black Company still in the employ of the Lady. They have come to the town of Juniper to stop the Dominator (the Lady’s husband) from coming back into the world.

I found this second book to be significantly better than the first. There is an aspect of horror to the story as one of the characters is slowly seduced into helping the Dominator’s minions attempt to bring him back into the world. It is also much easier to follow than the first because there is a strong element of unfamiliarity in The Black Company. Glen Cook drops the reader into the first novel with little background information.

This is an entertaining read, all the more so for its brevity. It does not carry on for several hundred pages like much of the more recent epic fantasy.

The first three novels of the series are available in an omnibus edition, the version I own, entitled Chronicles of the Black Company. Glen Cook’s series is widely believed to be an inspiration for Steven Erikson’s The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Rating: 8.5



  1. i loved “chronicles of the black company” – here is my homage to the trilogy:(

    It is not just believed, it is also widely apparent and admitted by Erikson himself, that Cook was a great influence on him 🙂

  2. uros – Thanks for the link to your post on the Chronicles. I thought that Erikson had admitted Cook’s influence but I wasn’t sure so I played it safe with my wording. Glad you could set me straight. 🙂

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