Posted by: Matt | June 14, 2008

Author Matt Ruff

Matt Ruff is an author you may not have heard of. He’s written a few books, but I don’t know that any of them have been terrifically popular. He also happens to live in Seattle, which you may know I am kind of partial to. I recently began reading one of his books, Set This House in Order, which so far has been fascinating. I picked the book up in a used bookstore in Tacoma and realized the other day that it’s signed!

Set This House in Order is a love story, but definitely not ordinary. It’s about two people with Multiple Personality Disorder (or as it’s called now, Dissociative Identity Disorder) one of whom has been able to put his life back together and one of whom is a wreck. I’ve never thought much about this disorder before, but in the hands of Matt Ruff it makes for an incredibly interesting story.

Ruff has also written Bad Monkeys, Fool on the Hill, and Sewer, Gas and Electric. You might want to check him out, if Set This House in Order continues to be as good as it’s been so far I know I’ll be reading more of his work.



  1. You know I’ve been contemplating if I want to read Bad Monkeys which I’ve been seeing around a lot lately. Maybe the next time I see it I’ll actually pick it up.

  2. I will probably read Fool on the Hill next by Ruff, but I would like to get to Bad Monkeys eventually.

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