Posted by: Matt | July 1, 2008

June 2008 Breakdown

June was full of good books.  It turned out to have the highest average rating for the year so far.  Hopefully the books will just keep getting better.  Last month I read:

-10 books:

-4702 pgs

-8.2 average rating

-Favorite: The Confusion

-Least Favorite: Invisible Man



  1. That’s funny; I’ve had great luck with books lately too (overall). Hopefully we’ll all keep finding good books to read!

  2. I find Invisible Man a good read, even though I was lost at places and had to go back. Like you and Heather, I’ve had luck with my summer reads. 🙂

  3. You will love “The Clash of Kings.” It’s a great series.

  4. 10 books – that is a busy month!

    Just came across your blog, and I like the way you include book ratings and page numbers. Think I’ll adopt that for my book blog too.

    Look forward to your review of Satanic Verses.


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